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The Ben, Autograph Collection

Scope and goals

This boutique hotel by the Marriott was looking to lean on a local agency in the hospitality industry to brand its main restaurant concept. This project soon expanded into marketing the launch of the hotel. 

The Ben had an initial concept for the main restaurant that they were looking to add character and life to that reflected the elevated whimsy of the hotel. After researching and visiting the hotel, studying the restaurant interior concepts and the innovative culinary inspiration, a revised brand mark was created.


Taking inspiration from the eclectic vintage interiors and restaurant features like the old Florida-based novels to be used as receipt carriers, a new visual identity was designed. The brand mark along with all of the in-house materials featured detailed lithographic illustrations and incorporated weathered textural elements to reflect the environment and give a storied essence. This design language carried dynamically into the business cards, menus, kids activity booklets and event marketing materials.

With the success of the branding project, the Marriott looked for our agency to take over marketing the launch of the hotel opening. Working within the established brand guidelines, I created print and digital to capture the enchanting host and social facilitator to come. 

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