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Scope and goals

Wantman Group, Inc. (WGI), a fast-growing, emerging leader in the consulting, planning and engineering space, was looking to refresh the brand in a way that would set it apart as it moved from a regional to a national market.

Developing the brand refresh began with extensive research into the competition and industry, as well as understanding the history of the brand. Wantman Group, Inc. was a well-known and respected name throughout the state it operated within, so the goal was to honor this reputation and authority by maintaining iconic elements, such as the icon itself, but introducing it in bold ways to differentiate it as a force to be reckoned with as it entered a national level. The name abbreviation took hold, the green hue of the logo was brightened. The website, which hadn’t changed in seven years, was redesigned with updated content. To coincide with the launch of the website, new collateral materials and targeted e-blasts were created, and the social media footprint was expanded. Even the trucks were given a fresh look to reinforce the new brand as they travel Florida’s roadways. To spread the word even farther, our team designed a persuasive new advertising campaign unlike anything else in the industry and created a light-hearted cartoon calendar to announce the acquisition of new divisions.

Every imaginable aspect of WGI was rebranded, and the response was exceptionally positive. WGI even received a Marketing Excellence Award from the Zweig Group, a leading research, publishing, and advisory services resource who hosts the architecture, engineering and consulting industry's top awards programs. 

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